Hey, I’m
Lachlan Campbell.

I’m a web designer-developer.
Head of storytelling @ Hack Club,
& NYU ’23??, studying Interactive Media Arts.
Lachlan's avatar@lachlanjc

Projects I’m proud of

  • Predict COVID banner

    Predict COVID-19

    Made an interactive data visualization for predicting COVID-19 country-by-country.
  • Gun Funded logo

    Gun Funded

    Made a website visualizing the gun lobby’s funding of U.S. Congress.
  • Hack Penn banner

    Hack Pennsylvania

    Founded & led Pennsylvania’s largest-ever high school hackathon, January 2019. 111 students.
  • Hack Club Bank banner

    Hack Club Bank

    Designed the app & website for the first bank made for hackathons. 2M USD transacted & counting.

2020 at Hack Club

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