Horizontal portrait of Lachlan in a black and white cropped turtleneck laying down looking off camera

Hey, I’m
Lachlan Campbell.


I’m a web designer-developer. Studying at NYU Interactive Media Arts. On leave, working on climate at Watershed.

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Screenshot of Regulatory Checkup

Watershed Regulatory Checkup

Quiz to help companies understand their climate regulatory exposure.

Mockup of fracking/solar/landfill search terms with Apple Maps

Remapping Our Landscapes

Design project considering the infrastructure we omit from our digital maps.


iPad and game pieces bathed in pink light with energy source icons

Decarbonize: The Game

Interactive board game where the player assembles coal, gas, wind, & solar to design their own electricity grid.

Collage of cards of climate illustrations

Watershed Earth Day

Designed and built a shareable year-in-review campaign for companies’ carbon footprints.


Screenshot of WFH calculator on iPad above tech office photo

Watershed WFH Emissions Calculator

Worked with the Watershed team to build an emissions calculator for companies returning to offices.

Screenshot of Centre Sustains site on iPad above local farm photo

Centre Sustains

Made a website for my local government’s climate planning public outreach, January 2021. Volunteer/open source.

2020 at Hack Club

I spent 3 years as Head of Storytelling for Hack Club, a global nonprofit network of high school hackers, leading our web frontend engineering & design.

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Lachlan presenting to crowd at Hack Pennsylvania

Hack Pennsylvania

Founded & led Pennsylvania’s largest-ever high school hackathon, January 2019. 111 students.

US Capitol building with Gun Funded site overlaid

Gun Funded

Made a website visualizing the gun lobby’s $40M+ funding of U.S. Congress, December 2019. Open source.

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